Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Year's Resolution

So...after careful thought and consideration i have decided to try the vegetarian lifestyle for 30 days. I have been feeling like crap lately and really want to start eating healthier, i realize this can be done whilst eating meat, but i want the challenge of having a meatless diet so that i will have to insert more fruits and vegetables into my diet.

I have been surfing the web and preparing different recipes for the new year and i am really excited, the cuisine is full of indian, japanese, and other ethnic food influences and i am so ready to get out of the food rutt i have been in. I'm looking forward to using spices that i have never used.....bring on the chana masala!

Old pic....eatin' me some pork rinds.....

If, after the 30 days, i feel really good, i may stick with it. I know the challenge it will be to keep up with it, but i am preparing myself, and i am diligently studying the options that i have for proteins. I have support too, and that is important. Me and the BFF are embarking on this together, we are even cutting out refined sugars!! That is going to be difficult! I love me some pastries! But I know this will help my overall health.

After a good holiday season filled with ham, and goodies, bring on the veggies.

Here is a great website full of info on going veg!

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